Friday, July 27, 2018


A Guide To Help Struggling Teenagers

Troubled teens disturb the peace and the life of a family. Contrary to the belief that teens get a feeling of satisfaction out of making trouble, most of them feel a deep sense of guilt and struggle to get out of their troubles and improve their relationship with their family. Parents should therefore not give up hope but help struggling teens to fight their problems and emerge victorious as well adjusted adults.Do you want to learn more? Visit

Parenting is the first step to helping a struggling teen. Parents should give a set of basic rules that form a guideline for the struggling teen. These rules will help the teen understand the dos and donts that will help in their struggle to get out of their problems. Parental approach should change when the teen is an adolescent and a firm and gentle approach should replace an unconditionally strict approach. A degree of discipline is required and every effort should be made to help the struggling teenager spend more time with the family. Teens will learn caring and sharing when taking part in family activities during the struggle to get out of problems.

If parental intervention is not enough, the school or local community center will direct parents to expert counselors who can help the struggling teen with behavior modification. These therapists will use cognitive behavior modification therapy to change the behavior and attitudes of a struggling teen in a positive way. Counselors will be able to observe the teen and draw up a treatment plan. They will help to modify behavior in a systematic and scientific way.

Extreme cases may require psychotherapy. The struggling teen will be helped through the struggle by an expert psychiatrist. Therapy will be performed with or without the presence of family. In some cases psychiatrists will help change family attitudes and help families work together through the emotional struggle of the teen. These experts will be able to help the teen through emotional problems like depression, anxiety, lack of self esteem and excessive shyness. Once the emotional problems are eliminated the academic and overall performance of the teen will improve.

The government and community centers offer earn and learn programs like job corps. When a teen expresses a willingness to work and get a job, it is the first step towards overcoming the teen's struggle towards stability. These jobs will give the teen tremendous motivation to improve. The jobs pay a stipend and increase the independence and self esteem of the teen. An idle mind is indeed the devil's workshop and when the troubled teen has a job to do, the teen steers clear of trouble and negative activity.

Parents can turn to religion to help their troubled teens. The local pastor of religious head can give direction and mentor a teen who is struggling with emotional issues. Parents can encourage the teen to take part in church youth activities which will help the teen in the struggle towards a stable adulthood. Religious activities will help to provide direction to a struggling teen